CleavagesCleavages and Beauty! Actresses Cleavages and The Mania!

“Woman”this word has always been a center of attraction for not only men but also women. The beauty of woman has always been a part of various debates and literature throughout the universe. Out of the whole woman body Cleavage is the most attractive part. 

Cleavage became center of attraction since the beginning of fashion world, or even before that. We have seen ancient pictures describing woman beauty and in most of them, Cleavage was the center. Some of the examples. 

And this too

Even sculptures in India described them well

• Beginning of Fashion Era.

Though fashion era began since the beginning of mankind but after development of different medias it started to spread faster. The beginning of glamour world, and movies, it spread even faster. Though the concept of cleavage show was older, still the glamour world encouraged it at most. Now it’s totally impossible to not show a peak of cleavage in a movie. 

•  Justification

How good is it to show a cleavage? For now let’s not talk about common people and first talk about the glamour world people. Generally nobody have any issue with them.